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Role Playing Games
Role Playing Games

Roleplaying games give the players a unique experience and make the player live the game in the most awesome way.

Card Game Events
Card Game Events

We like to be a bit old school at certain times. We organize card game events in which people participate in large numbers.

Fantasy Flight Games
Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy fight is one genre that everyone loves. The exceptional graphics and the gameplay will definitely engage the players.


If you are a gamer, Austin Game Expo is the ideal place for you. It is a place where you can literally have the best gaming experience of your life. The cosplay is a unique event that needs a special mention.

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The event is an open gaming event, and hence, anyone can participate in the gaming competition. There is also a board gem library where you can find the best board games in the world.

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Austin gaming Expo is an event where you can meet gamers from all over the world. When the prod and geeks meet in the same place, it is definitely going to be a great party.


6 Advances In Gaming Technology

We have seen the best technological advancements in every field in the past two decades, and gaming has not at all disappointed us in coming up with new tech. We are in an era where we have leaped from the 2D binary games to the 3D open worlds. Here we list down the ten technologies that have changed the concept of gaming again and again throughout the years.

Virtual Reality

Today is the time of Virtual Reality (VR), and every gaming company is trying out new ideas to present a game that defies all its competitors. The VR games will be revolutionary once they get released with their full potential. As for now, the games are released under beta tests and are not for commercial use. VR will be a window for us to live a second life in the coming days.

Augmented Reality

While a virtual world will be a challenging task for the developers to make it possible, augmented reality is already a thing. You can play shooting games in a real environment using your mobile devices. Pokemon Go is already a phenomenon which has gathered major attention between the youth with its completely new approach to gaming.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

After PC and consoles, mobile gaming has introduced itself as the next giant in the market. New games are being launched every day on mobile platforms. Even the biggest games like PUBG and FIFA have released their mobile versions. Remember the times when PSP was a thing? Mobile gaming is just its new age sister who has taken over the entire market like wildfire.

Gesture Control

With virtual reality in gaming, gesture control has also progressed parallelly. The Intel RealSense technology allows the users to play the games by interacting with their devices. It uses a 3D camera that tracks 22 separate points in your hand. It makes you connect with your character in the game at maximum potential possible. You can control the movements of your character to 80% accuracy rates.

Cloud Gaming


You do not need a costly gaming console or PC anymore. With cloud gaming, you do not require powerful hardware but a good internet connection. The games uses cloud memory to store the massive amounts of gigabyte memories so that your PC doesn’t have to suffer from heating problems and running errors. With cloud gaming comes creating and managing your gaming account, AussyELO provides some of the best services for all you gaming needs.

Advanced Graphics

We are living in a time where perfection is gaming is hard to imagine. With developers creating the best quality graphics and companies releasing the most advanced graphics cards every year, there is no saying where we will be taking a break in the progress of the quality of our graphic. Today the games are 99 percent lifelike and the physics use not only respects all laws but also gives an extra super ability to keep reminding us that it is just a game.

Some Unbelievable Technological Advances In Gaming

Games have definitively come a long way since they became all the rage in the 1980s and 1990s if you think about it, the games which were available in those years are now valued as retro games and have immense love. After we invented some high power heavy-duty graphics cards and after personal devices got brilliantly powerful, the technological advances that the gaming industry has seen have surely been astronomical. I do not see the industry slowing down one bit. I am sure that they will continue to amaze gamers for a long time indeed. Here are a few instances where the gaming industry took our breath away:


  1. Facial recognition technology allows the console to recognize you and grant you access into the gaming world. You can even create custom avatars that look like you because the sensors can scan your face and know what you look like. The game can make it so that you yourself are playing in the game. The sensors can be so accurate that they can even scan minor things on your skin like moles and freckles as well.
  2. Gesture control is a technology that makes you want to put your controller down. The Intel RealSense technology lets us play first-person shooting games and even interact with your device with facial expressions and also a couple of waves from your hand. The device uses a 3D camera and tracks more than 22 different points in your hand. Gesture control is a very cool way of experiencing the game and controlling it through the natural movements of your body.
  3. Out-of-the-world performances by new graphics cards have come a very long way from the days of 8-bit graphics in games. The cutting edge advancements now allow gamers all around the world to experience in properly rendered worlds which have very realistic features. Ever since graphics have become too spectacular, if you are playing on a big screen, it makes you feel like you are right inside the game.
  4. Virtual Reality gaming consoles have been getting a lot of love because they make you feel great as you feel like you are in the game. They surround your visual senses as well as your hearing as well. You will have no idea what is going on the real world except the ground you are walking on. You get the feeling of “losing yourself” in the game, and you will feel weird when you snap back into reality.
  5. Mobile gaming is one of the most amazingly powerful and famous things that have happened in the gaming universe so far. It is so because everyone has a phone and everyone can enjoy these games if they are compatible with your phone.
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